February 22, 2022
why should businesses implement rpa

Why Should a Business Implement RPA?

There are many reasons why a business should implement RPA.  One of the primary benefits of RPA in business, and a driver of its rapid growth, is the ability to save money and reduce costs. ...
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why you should hire an rpa consultant

When Should You Hire an RPA Consultant?

This question comes in two parts; first you need to answer when to use RPA in a business, secondly you must answer when and why should a business implement rpa and seek out guidance and...
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Center of influence

When to Setup a Center of Excellence?

A good time for a business to set up a Center of Excellence or CoE is when the company wants to start down the path of digital transformation.  A CoE can be internal to an...
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what is an erp

What is ERP? 

ERP is a big topic.  ERP is also essential to today’s Information Economy businesses.  ERP sits on top of CRM and other business software and touches every aspect of a business.  In this blog we...
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