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Accelerate your Digital Presence

Valenta’s top tier service is Accelerate your Digital Presence. This is aimed at businesses already experiencing growth who are looking for the support of a global marketing agency to fast-track their digital presence. These businesses may have an internal marketing team, and people on board, but just need that extra push to reach their full potential in the online arena.

This tier is our highest value tier, providing great value by allowing access to an entire team of digital marketing personnel with their own areas of expertise. At Valenta this is one of the strengths that we bring to the table. We already have a team in place who can hit the ground running to implement your digital marketing strategies and we are able to discuss and refine them with you to reach your goals.

Our digital strategist will be available to you for eight hours per week and our various team members will each be available for 4 hours per week in order to turn what you have decided into deliverable actions.

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Getting Started with Valenta

Client Onboarding

The first month of working with a new client is crucial in forming an understanding of how they operate and what needs improving. We will conduct an audit, which includes looking at the website speed and the technologies being used, as well as identifying areas where changes could be made to improve SEO outcomes across the board


Your digital marketing strategy is more than just keywords and landing pages; it’s also about testing different advertising strategies to find the one that works best for you. We will help to optimize your campaigns so they can reach their full potential, while also being mindful of any competitors who may be competing for the same search traffic or social media visitors.

We know that many businesses place more weight on lead generation as they believe there is a quicker profit to be made. Our research and experience has shown us this can sometimes backfire, with low brand awareness leading to poor conversion rates as people see a brand but do not always immediately understand what is on offer, or how it could meet their needs. This means that investing time in both areas will often render better results.


With our team of experts, you can launch a variety of marketing campaigns from social media to paid search and email services. We have people who specialize in video editing and all aspects of website design and development, as well as copy writing so your content will always be outstanding.

It’s time for an integrated solution that brings together all prospects into one dashboard while providing real-time insights about how well each individual channel is performing. Look no further than Valenta, we offer the most comprehensive program available today and provide cross channel campaign visibility across every aspect of your digital marketing story. Write a new chapter with us today.

Valenta Digital Marketing Packages


$5,500/month Suitable for Mid-Size Growing Business

Strategist | 8 hours/week

Website Designer | 4 hours/week

Graphic Designer | 4 hours/week

SEO Specialist | 4 hours/week

Social Media Specialist | 4 hours/week

Blogs | 4 blog/month

Digital Marketing Software Expertise:


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