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What is XERO?

Xero is the most exciting and simple accounting software that is designed in conjunction with thousands of small and medium-sized business owners to determine what they need and expect in a modern accounting system. Xero reduces your time and helps you make better business decisions. It allows access from anywhere, your computer, iPad, or iPhone. XERO has always helped bookkeepers and business owners to work on the same platform seamlessly.

Xero is one of the best among the other available cloud-based software’s in which we can effortlessly undertake bookkeeping and carry out the finalization of accounts. It is also helpful in generating financial statements and reports for both managerial and accounting purposes.

Xero offers all the features of a full accrual accounting system, including invoicing, accounts payable, banking, advanced reporting, sales tax returns, expense claims, credit notes, general ledger, full reporting functionality and CRM. Annual reporting also includes notes to the accounts and reconciliation reports to help streamline annual tax returns with your accountant.

Navigating through XERO has always been easier for both business owners and accounting professionals due to its simple user-friendly interface. With XERO, we no longer need to go through the pain of taking back-ups, installing software updates and data loss.

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Benefits of using XERO:

  • Easy navigation reduces time consumption
  • Responsive dashboard with good user interface
  • Recording and tracking are easier
  • Easy to maintain fixed assets
  • Easy to include new users
  • Easy to prepare budget and forecast cashflow
  • Automated bank feed makes bank reconciliation effortless
  • Customize business performance reports, financial statements as per requirement
  • Effective Payroll Management
  • Easy management and invoicing for Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.
  • Data protection through Two-Step Authentication

Why Valenta?

Valenta is a specialist in outsourcing and offshoring for financial and legal services. We enable hundreds of businesses to grow through effective staffing solutions and ensure that you have the best resources to help relieve bottlenecks, improve expertise and deliver cost-effective and efficient employment solutions. We help great firms like yours run even better through our services.

With Valenta, we offer you XERO advisor Certified Bookkeepers and Accountants who can manage your business services effectively & efficiently as per your requirements. By hiring an accounting professional from Valenta, you can focus on your core business development requirement since, we ensure that you will have a dedicated staff who will act as extended support in managing your finance/accounting, tax-related requirements. At Valenta, our focus revolves around client satisfaction since we believe that’s what motivates us to provide the best in the market services to our clients.

Why you may consider QuickBooks over other software?

  • Cloud base accounting software that you can use from anywhere at any time.
  • No need to worry about data security and data backup.
  • Customized Reporting.
  • Integrates with your bank account for automatic bank feeds.
  • Integrates with much other industry-specific software like, Corecon V8, etc.
  • Real-time data availability.
  • Check printing function.
  • Cost-Effective
  • User Friendly.

We have highly trained and qualified staff who can help small business owners and CPA firms to maintain their work in QuickBooks online. Valenta also helps in to integrate other software with QuickBooks Online.

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