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We have also designed an online portal to make it efficient for brokers to collect documents from clients. A good collaboration between a mortgage broker and a loan processor can see a mortgage broking business grow to new heights.

What is Connective Mercury?

Connective is a website or program which acts as a repository where information, financial policies and related documents or items and contents are collected and stored. It’s a transparent application helping brokers aggregate or speeds up the business by displaying them or linking them.

Why is Connective Mercury used?

  • Connective has made some of the work easy for brokers to access the right resources with effective linking to related information.
  • It also provides up-to-date lender requirements to the Brokers to keep abreast of any changes in the lending policies.
  • Stores information related to loan, borrowers, tax, insurance, etc
  • It makes serviceability calculations easy for the brokers by providing information related to calculation policies.
  • Interactive security guidelines are stored and linked for broker use.
  • It provides Federal, State guidelines to be followed for Credit Lending.
  • The status of the loan has interacted through the application with the related banks.
  • Effective interaction enabled across all channels of Banking.
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Benefits of Valenta Loan Processing from Connective Mercury:

  • Documents can be stored and reused easily.
  • TFN removal is one touch go which helps to remove the TFN in the document without any hassle.
  • Borrowing capacity calculation made easy. (Eligibility)
  • Easy calculation of loan amount or funds required to complete the transaction
  • Many products and lenders at our fingertips make suggestions to brokers and customers.
  • Lender contacts, lender documents are readily available and do not have to go to the banks’ website to download them.
  • Tasks can be added as per our requirements and monitoring of the files becomes simpler.
  • Helps to keep NCCP up to date. All the documents are already available and ready to print when needed.
  • Easy Lodgement through Connective.
  • Every day new updates are stored and made interactive through Connective.
  • Browse through lender customer care number and BDM as well.
  • Settlement summary report made easy every month
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Features of Connective Mercury:

  • Interactive and adaptable technology with correlated links.
  • Amend and Re-amend details as per customer requirements related to the chosen banks.
  • Generating new compliance documents as per chosen banks regulation.
  • Easy access to email client through the same.
  • Maintains Data security.

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