How Can Managed IT Services Benefit SMBs?

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Managed IT Services Benefit SMBs

IT Departments are one of the most critical teams within any company. They are especially important in small to medium businesses (SMBs). IT Departments help keep businesses running in this digital age and information economy. Successful use of technology can help a business perform at its peak efficiency. IT can also make or break a business. It can be extremely hard for SMB organizations to hire, attract and retain top notch IT talent. For this reason, managed IT services for small business can be a game changer.

In this blog we will highlight how outsourced and managed IT services for small business can have a positive effect. We will discuss how it helps an SMB to bring in expert skills, fill a variety of roles, focus on its business, reduce costs, increase profits, supplement inhouse staff, and take advantage of the flexible and scalable nature of managed IT for small business.

Bring in Expert Skills

Managed IT for small business can bring in many needed and desirable skills into an organization. Standard roles like IT managers, networking experts and help desk technicians can all be a part of managed services for small business. Specific software administrator roles and skills can also be brought into a company. Some common administrator roles we have seen filled are Salesforce, Zoho, SAP and database administrators. Other advanced roles can be filled including vital Information Security Managers and Cyber Security Engineers. Additional emerging roles can also be part of IT services for small business and SMBs and include cloud engineers, DevOps engineers, API developers, Java developers, Python developers and Applications Architects.

Fill a Variety of Roles

In addition to bringing in expert skills, managed services for small business and SMB can be contracted to fill a variety of broad IT Department functions. Complete functions can be outsourced 100% like IT maintenance, patches and updates. IT Help Desks, Technical Support, database development and management, application support and management, plus web development and hosting, can all be a part of managed services for small businesses.

Focus on the Business

It is the role of an IT department to ensure that there are no interruptions to an organization’s business due to disruptions in the technology they use to conduct operations. Making sure everything is always up and running and optimized is a challenge for nearly every business. When technology or the IT infrastructure is not working, operations can come to a screeching halt. It is the role of IT departments to make sure this does not happen. Managed IT for small business can make sure an organization is staffed adequately in this critical department so it can focus on actually conducting business and providing its own products and services.

Reduce Costs & Increase Profits

IT staff is not inexpensive. Managed IT for small business can dramatically cut costs and secure skills that SMBs would not otherwise be able to afford.

Let’s take a quick look at salaries for some common IT staff in the United States.

According to Glassdoor, here are some average US salaries for IT roles.
The yearly salary for an IT Help Desk Technician in Hartford CT, is 60K USD according to Glassdoor
The average pay of an IT Support Manager in Miami FL is 100K USD annually according to Glassdoor.
Regarding cyber security the annual pay for an IT Security Analyst in Denver CO, is 104K USD
Finally according to Glassdoor the annual pay for a Salesforce Administrator in Phoenix AZ is 89.5K USD.
To do your own Glassdoor average Salary research on different jobs, different cities or different countries.

These salary amounts do not consider government taxes for Social Security, unemployment, and other items. It also does not account for costs related to health insurance or infrastructure for employees in the form of office space and computer equipment. Managed IT for small business and SMBs can be provided for a fraction of these costs. Typically, it is one third to half the costs of salaries per role, and with no additional expenses for taxes or benefits. Managed IT services are an excellent tool in the toolbox to improve profitability. It cuts cost, improves focus, and frees up time for business owners, principals, and executives.

Supplement Inhouse Staff

Way too often IT Departments in SMB businesses are overwhelmed with day to day tasks and basic support. When this happens, they are not able to focus on being strategic and helping the business to grow. Offloading day to day work, maintenance and help desk roles for example can allow local personnel to attack higher level work. Staff from outsourced and managed service providers work hand in hand with in-person staff. They act and perform much like staff does when it is in a WFH (work from home) scenario, except that they are working from a service center in a different country.

Flexibility and Scalability

All outsourced managed IT services are contract based. They are all flexible and all typically run month to month This flexible aspect of outsourcing is quite different than the employer employee relationship, … which is much more rigid and inflexible. The employer and employee relationship is also one that comes with risks and liability. The flexibility of managed IT service also means that they are very scalable. Businesses can ramp up and ramp down quickly based on business conditions. This aspect of outsourcing means that staffing will not be a hinderance to growth.

Want to Learn More?

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