When Should a Business Outsource a Cyber Security Engineer?

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Outsource Cyber Security Engineer

A business should outsource a Cyber Security Engineer if it is struggling to find one locally or if the budget to obtain one is challenging for an organization. Cyber Security is critical in this day and age. Fortinet a leading provider of cyber security technology defines Cyber Security as follows:

Cybersecurity is a process that enables organizations to protect their applications, data, programs, networks, and systems from cyberattacks and unauthorized access. Cybersecurity threats are rapidly increasing in sophistication as attackers use new techniques and social engineering to extort money from organizations and users, disrupt business processes, and steal or destroy sensitive information. To protect against these activities, organizations require cybersecurity technology solutions and a robust process to detect and prevent threats and remediate a cybersecurity breach.

The definition that Fortinet provides for cyber security is a good one. It also makes the case for why paying attention to cyber security is important.

At Valenta we would add that engineers on staff or on contract to architect, implement, monitor, and maintain cybersecurity technology solutions are also required. It is our goal to make that staff easy to afford and easy to secure. We want to make sure that the answer to when a business should outsource a cyber security engineer is whenever they have data to protect … which for most companies is all the time.

In this article we will cover the job description of a cyber security engineer, when they are needed, plus why and how to outsource cyber security engineers,

Job Description of Cyber Security Engineers

Monster a popular job post site defines the job description of a Cyber Security Engineer as follows:

Cyber Security Job Responsibilities:

• Safeguards information system assets by identifying and solving potential and actual security problems.
• Protects systems by defining access privileges, control structures, and resources.
• Recognizes problems by identifying abnormalities; reporting violations.
• Implements security improvements by assessing current situation; evaluating trends; anticipating requirements.
• Determines security violations and inefficiencies by conducting periodic audits.
• Upgrades systems by implementing and maintaining security controls.
• Keeps users informed by preparing performance reports; communicating system status.
• Maintains quality service by following organization standards.
• Maintains technical knowledge by attending educational workshops; reviewing publications.

Monster also list the following Cyber Security qualifications and required skills:

• System administration
• Network security
• Information security policies
• On-call network troubleshooting
• Firewall administration
• Network protocols
• Routers, hubs, and switches
• Process improvement

We agree with all the above. We also believe it is a tall order. Luckily for our SMB clients … we provide staff that meet these criteria.

When Will a Cyber Security Engineer be Needed by a Business?

We touched on when a Cyber Security Engineer would be needed by a business in our opening sections. It really is whenever there is data to secure – which is pretty much all the time. A company can outsource this role if it is having a challenging time finding local talent or finding talent that fits its budgets. When someone is required to map out any organization’s security requirements a Cyber Security Engineer can step in.

They are also needed when it is time to document best practices for cyber security. Cyber Security Engineers are required when it is time to design, implement and manage all the security measures to protect data, applications, and the network of a business. Finally, a Cyber Security Engineer is needed to make sure that customer information is safe and secure and not hacked.

Why & How to Outsource Cyber Security Engineers

A primary reason an outsourced Cyber Security Engineer can make sense for an SMB company is getting needed skills in the door. Cyber Security Engineer staff augmentation services like the ones that Valenta provides are more economical that hiring staff in house. In the USA salaries for Cyber Security Engineers are over 100K per year in all major cities.

There are equivalent costs in other countries around the world. A great resource for checking salaries for various roles is Glassdoor. We use this site frequently when we prepare ROI modeling for our clients. However, salaries only tell part of the story. To get an actual cost you must add government taxes, employee benefits for health and retirement, plus office overhead into the equation. Once this is done, and you compare them to Cyber Security Engineer staff augmentation services that can be 30% to 50% of these totals, the answer to the question of “why outsource” becomes obvious.

How to outsource a cyber security engineer can be as simple as reaching out to Valenta (or to be fair another service provider like us). At Valenta we have local consultants and managing partners in cities across the US, Canada, the UK, the EU, Australia, and New Zealand. Our managing partners work with offshore leadership and service heads to deploy the right cyber security engineer staff augmentation service for our clients. All contract services typically run month to month and offer flexibility in addition to cost savings.

Want to Learn More?

At Valenta we focus exclusively on serving midsized and small business clients. Our goal is to provide the same consulting, digital transformation and staff augmentation services large firms like Accenture and Deloitte provide the Fortune 500 to the SMB community. We provide all back office functions that an SMB may need. We also supply a wide range of software development and IT professionals.

We operate service centers in India, Malaysia, the Philippines, and the Caribbean. We are adding service centers in Latin America and Eastern Europe in the next 12-18 months. We believe every company should have access to cyber security services and are proud to offer outsourced cyber security engineer services to SMB customers. As mentioned earlier we have managing partners and managing directors in major cities around the world. To ontact us on this topic or any other, please reach out to us.

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