Why Should a Business Hire or Outsource a Big Data Specialist?

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The 19th century Scottish essayist, historian and philosopher Thomas Carlyle is quoted as saying, “Nothing is more terrible than activity without insight.”  Thomas Carlyle was probably not thinking about Big Data back in the 1800’s but his statement drives home the value and need for data analysis in our present day.  Increasingly we are finding our midsized company clients and small business clients come to us in search of big data services.  These clients are looking for affordable and flexible services for taking advantage of big data.  These companies do not have the budgets of the Fortune 1000 who can hire expensive inhouse staff for these roles or work with high priced tier 1 consulting and outsourcing firms.  Luckily, at Valenta we focus exclusively on SMB clients and outsourced Big Data Specialist services and Big Data Specialist staff augmentation are services we provide.

In the remainder of this article, we will cover role of a Big Data Specialist, how to outsource a Big Data Specialist and why a company would want to hire or outsourced Big Data Specialists.

What Does a Big Data Specialist do? 

A Big Data Specialist provides facilitation, analysis, design and completes tasks required for the development of an enterprise’s data and information architecture.  They develop reusable standards, design patterns, guidelines, and configurations to evolve the technical infrastructure related to data and information across entire enterprises.  Big Data Specialists participate in the development and communication of the data strategy and roadmaps across organizations and act as the subject matter expert or SME within an organization on all topics related to data gathering and data analysis.  Big Data Specialists also participate in, and drive, the development and communication of enterprise standards for data domains and data solutions.  They focus on simplified integration and streamlined operational and analytical uses.  Big Data Specialists leverage innovative new technologies and approaches to renovate, extend, and transform the existing core data assets, including SQL-based, NoSQL-based, and cloud-based data platforms.

 Requirements for a Big Data Specialist

A bachelor’s degree in computer science, or software engineering, plus several years of successful and applicable hands on experience in data development and analysis are typical requirements.  A proven track record of designing and delivering large scale, high quality operational or analytical data systems is also desirable experience.  A strong understanding of network and data security architecture is also required.  Knowledge in the areas of data warehousing, data management, analytics development, data science, application programming interfaces (APIs), data integration, cloud, servers and storage, and database management are additional skills Big Data Specialist possess.  Experience building solutions using elastic architectures like AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud is required.  Expertise with containerization, including Docker and Kubernetes is also key as well as skills with tools such as Hadoop, Spark, Airflow, Presto, and Kubeflow.  Programming and software engineering experience, with Java, Scala, and Python is also something to look for.

Outsourced Big Data Specialist Services

Big Data Specialists are in high demand and their salaries demonstrate this.  Glassdoor the popular website to research companies and salaries reports that US Big Data Specialists earn 108.9K USD a year in Charlotte NC, 110.3K USD annually in Philadelphia PA and 111.6K USD a year in Dallas TX.  Outside of the US, Big Data Specialists earn on average 62K CAD annually in Montreal Canada.  These annual salary averages that Glassdoor provides do not reflect the cost of taxes, benefits, overhead, and infrastructure.  When you add all of that together you get the full costs.  Outsourced Big Data Specialist services can often fill these roles for 30% of those total expenses.  Combining those costs savings plus all the other benefits of Big Data, it is easy to see why an outsourced Big Data Specialist is increasingly an attractive option for SMBs.

Top 7 Reasons to Hire or Outsource Big Data Specialists

There are many reasons to either hire Big Data Specialists or source them through outsourced Big Data Specialist services.  The top 7 reasons we find include:

1) Acquiring the skill set and getting it into the business

2) Being able to focus on the core business and assign the role to dedicated staff

3) Gain the insights that come with consistent quality data analysis

4) Improve productivity and accuracy within an organization

5) Save money and drive down costs

6) Identify issues before they become big problems

7) Increase revenue and identify early new revenue opportunities

Want to Learn More

At Valenta we are focused on serving SMB clients exclusively.  We provide new economy and information economy roles in addition to Big Data Specialists such as, RPA Developers, Python Developers, Cyber Security Engineers, Cloud Engineers, DevOps Engineers, Data Security Analysts and more.  Valenta provides traditional BPO services like accounting, bookkeeping, administration, billing staff, paralegals, paraplanners, medical scribes and assistants, digital marketers, IT staff, software administrators and more.  In addition to providing staff augmentation and outsourcing we also provide business process consulting plus digital transformation services that include automation, RPA, and conversational AI.

We have Managing Partners located in cities across the US, Canada, the UK, the EU, and Australia.  Our Managing Partners work with other onshore consultants, plus offshore consultants, developers, and managers of outsourced staff to deliver the best services to our clients.  Please find this link to our page about Big Data Specialists.  To contact us on this topic or any other, please reach out to us here.



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