How Can AI Improve CRM Implementations?

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How Can AI Improve CRM Implementations?

As the world shifts to a more digital-focused future, businesses of all shapes and sizes are recognizing the value of leveraging technology solutions like Artificial Intelligence (AI) for improved customer relationship management. AI can help companies better understand their customers and provide personalized services that not only help keep current customers loyal but also attract new ones. Implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a great way for a business to increase customer engagement and satisfaction. By integrating AI into a CRM system, a business can take its customer relationship management efforts a step further and leverage the power of artificial intelligence to deliver even more value from the data collected in a CRM.

In this article, we will cover artificial intelligence in customer relationship management and intelligent CRM. AI CRM, why AI in CRM makes sense, and how to get started with AI-enabled CRM. 

What is CRM?

First, let’s level set on what is CRM. CRM is a technology used by businesses to manage customer relationships and interactions. This includes a wide range of activities such as gathering data, analyzing it, and creating plans to improve customer experiences. The end goal of a CRM system is to increase profits through improved customer engagement, satisfaction, and retention.

What is AI?

Let’s also put a definition of AI out there. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming many aspects of our lives and has been a core driver of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It enables software to acquire and use information to “think” and process data in a similar way to humans, learning through experience and making decisions independently. By streamlining mundane tasks and activities, it allows us to focus on more challenging problems and push further boundaries, ultimately freeing up people’s time for higher-order thinking, creativity, and innovation.

Intelligent CRM

Intelligent CRM is the result of combining AI and CRM. It is a powerful tool that can give a business a competitive edge. With AI-enabled CRM, a business can gain insights into the customer’s needs and preferences quickly and accurately by leveraging data from CRM systems. By understanding what a customer is thinking, businesses can provide personalized customer experiences in real-time. This helps a business build a more personal relationship with a customer, as well as identify trends in customer behavior and preferences. AI can also be used to improve a business’s services or products based on customer feedback, helping a business stay ahead of the competition.  Providing your customers or clients with an instant response to their queries is a great way to build a strong customer relationship. By incorporating artificial intelligence into a CRM system, a business can provide a more personalized experience for the customer by quickly responding with tailored information and suggestions in a fraction of a second. Using AI combined with a CRM can also help a company improve services or products and roll out new ones to meet client or customer needs.

Why AI and CRM Makes Sense

AI enabled CRM can help businesses take their lead management and customer journey processes to the next level. Why AI CRM makes sense is that it automatically reaches a wider audience thanks to its 24/7/365 availability, while also providing intelligent CRM that can recognize patterns of customer behavior and target them with automated follow-up campaigns. With such opportunities available at their fingertips, companies now have the ability to close more business than ever before. Adopting CRM machine learning will help business advance beyond traditional lead management and elevate the customer experience with timely and relevant interactions.

AI Enabled CRM for Sales and Support Teams

By combining artificial intelligence (AI) with customer relation management (CRM), businesses can free up their sales teams to focus on making connections with customers and prospective customers, instead of tedious data entry. This not only makes them smarter and more efficient but also relieves the burden of time-consuming administrative functions. These same AI capabilities can be applied to making customer support more efficient, ensuring that consumers get the best experience possible from a company. Investing in AI combined with CRM is an easy decision for making sure that sales teams stay connected and productive without sacrificing quality or customer satisfaction.

How to Get Started with AI Enabled CRM

For mid-sized companies and small businesses that are interested in leveraging the power of AI, Valenta is perfectly positioned to help. We offer flexible solutions tailored to each company’s unique needs, as well as tons of experience with CRM and AI technologies. Our Managing Partners have experience working with clients in a wide variety of industries, ranging from manufacturing, supply and logistics, telecom, healthcare and finance. If you are looking for an experienced partner that is focused on delivering value to SMBs, then do not hesitate to contact us so we can have a conversation about how intelligent CRM can help your business.

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