How Long Does It Take Bots to Deploy in Accounting Services?

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How long will it take bots to deploy in accounting services

It can take as little as 2 weeks for bots to deploy in accounting services. We highlight how easy bots can be deployed on our microsite Bots for Accountants. On that site we also discuss how bots can perform tasks 20 times faster than humans and how they do so at an amount that is a fraction of what a human would cost. On our microsite we have outlined our process for deploying bots quickly. Bots for accounting services and automated accounting are very powerful tools for 21st century businesses to leverage.

In the remainder of this article, we will describe the Valenta Two Week Process to deploy bots for accounting plus highlight some of the advantages for doing so.

Two Week Process to Deploy Bots for Accounting Services

Illustrated in the below graphic is the Valenta process to deploy bots for accounting services in 2 weeks or less.

Valentas 2 week deployment challenge

    • We first begin with a Process Walk Through. This step requires client participation. This step is critical to understand “as is” processes and make sure everything that is done now is captured.
    • The second step is the development of an Online Project Plan. This step is one the Valenta digital transformation team takes along with guidance from our local managing partners, regional managing directors, local consultants, and offshore consultant teams.
    • The next step is the PDD which stands for Project Design Document. We book a meeting with our clients to review this, and share the workflow process we have developed.
    • From here we proceed to the SDD or Solution Design Document step. Our clients are involved in reviewing this; however, this step is something we mostly do on our own. It is in this step we define the workflow for the bots.
    • The next step in our process is the actual Development which as one would expect, we also do exclusively on our side.
    • Then comes the User Acceptance Test and as the name implies the users at the client are involved here. The User Acceptance test can take as little as an hour but a half day or a full day can also be allocated.
    • Finally, the last step is the Go Live stage which can occur 2 weeks from the first Process Walk Through meeting.

Advantages to Deploying Bots for Accounting Services

There are a ton of advantages to deploying bots for accounting services. Automated accounting can create significant cost savings. Automated accounting can also bring dramatic efficiencies to any business. An accounting bot is flexible from both a process and commercial perspective. From a process perspective, bots can work with all applications and do not require complex APIs to have different software working together.

Using RPA, bots use all these different business tools just like a human would, but they do so at hyper speed. From a commercial perspective, bots can be deployed as a service thus making them super flexible. In a SaaS model, bots for accounting are billed monthly, making it affordable for all businesses, no matter the size. Also, from a commercial and cost perspective there is no infrastructure for clients since it is a SaaS model in the cloud.

Want to Learn More?

Valenta offers end-to-end solutions to streamline a business’s functions. For most of our clients, we deploy bots for accounting as a managed service. We believe that automating a business should be as easy as possible for our clients. We believe that all projects should demonstrate value and should transform a business. The accounting bot projects we work on all have a demonstrated ROI and pay for themselves.

Our two week process is simple and straightforward. There is beauty in simplicity. If deployment processes (particularly the discovery and implementation steps) are too complex projects simply do not get done. The adoption of bots is growing fast and will continue to accelerate. Large enterprises have already rapidly been adopting bots. Now it is time for SMBs to leverage them as well.

We can provide considerable assistance when it comes to accounting bots and automated bookkeeping. We also help when it comes to other business software integrations and are available for consulting projects, and virtual staff. Some of the staff augmentation we provide includes outsourced accountants, bookkeepers, virtual assistants, digital marketing, and many other roles. If you would like to discuss bots, AI, or RPA and IPA, we are here for that. Please contact us to schedule a consultation here.

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