Warehouse Transformation to Keep Up with the Explosion in E-commerce

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On Demand Webinar & Podcast

The Insider – Warehouse Transformation to Keep Up with the Explosion in E-commerce

We recently released a webinar and podcast as part of our Valenta Insider Series focused on warehouse transformation and the explosion in e-commerce. Our conversation was focused on how businesses can transform warehouses to keep up with the growth of e-commerce and the dramatic changes occurring in the supply and logistics space. It is available on YouTube if you wish to watch, and Apple and Spotify if you wish to listen.

Panelists & Guests

Our panelists for this podcast were Hopstack CEO & Co Founder Vivek Singh, as well as, Valenta Managing Director, Howard Barouxis and Managing Partner Jake Day. Jakes spent several years at Walmart, JB Hunt and has a deep understanding of supply and logistics. Howard has 25+ years of technology industry experience. Vivek brought of great perspective from his leadership role at Hopstack which provides digital warehouse operating system software and AI. Hopstack specializes in E-commerce supply chain, and they help companies address inventory management, warehouse management, multi-channel order fulfillment, return order management, and customer retention. Hopstack specializes in providing software and AI for inventory management, picking automation, multi-channel order management, packing automation, analytics, and reporting. Hopstack has integrations with Oracle, Salesforce, NetSuite, SAP, Zebra, Walmart, Shopify, Etsy, FedEx, UPS, USPS, and DHL among others.

What Was Covered

During the panel discussion Vivek, Jake and Howard cover a wide range of topics including, how warehouses have dealt with the immense pressure of keeping up with the explosion in e-commerce. They cover changing consumer expectations around order accuracy and delivery speed plus changes in fulfillment processes warehouses have had to adopt. They also touch on robotic automation to improve productivity and reduce errors plus how to best use labor’s time to maximize output in terms of picking, packing, sorting, etc.

Warehouse software that is in tune with e-commerce and in tune with multi-channel delivery are repeated themes during our panel’s discussion, as is the growth of e-commerce. Vivek highlights how there has been a big shift in customer expectations because of e-commerce and how this has only been exacerbated by the pandemic. Amazon has really re set expectations with delivery in almost no time. Vivek points out that smaller and midsized warehouses have lagged big box retailers and Amazon and that 85% of warehouses are operating on legacy software platforms.

Implementing new software tools for order management, inventory management is discussed as one of the easiest ways smaller entities can catch up. Process improvement also helps, and AI helps improve processes. Our team got into choke points, AI for picker routes and tons more in their discussion and it is definitely worth a listen or view. Valenta appreciated Vivek and Hopstack’s contribution to this event and will plan to reconnect with them on a future Insider Series to get an update on these topics.

Insider Series & Valenta

The Insider Series is a regular podcast and webinar where we discuss and take a look at top industry trends and technology. We also share customer success stories and partner experiences and perspectives. We have a deep back catalog on a variety of topics. All our discussions are coming from our perspective of providing services to midsized companies and small businesses.

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