What Can a Conversational AI Developer Do For a Business

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What Can A Conversional AI Developer Do For a Business

Conversational AI is one of the three most important technologies when it comes to digital transformation and automation projects. RPA or robotic process automation and Cognitive AI are the other tools we commonly use in this area. Conversational AI when combined with RPA leads to Intelligent Process Automation and Hyper Automation, …but we are getting ahead of ourselves.

A Conversational AI Developer can help a company BOTIFY its organization. At large enterprises and the Fortune 1000 these roles are often dedicated employees. These skills are harder to find and can be expensive and this is the reason why small business and midsize companies have less of them on staff. Outsourced conversational AI developer services can be a great way to fill this gap and get the technology inhouse and leveraged.

 In the remainder of this article, we will cover what is Conversational AI, the role of a Conversational AI developer, and outsourced Conversational AI developer services. 

What is Conversational AI and Why is it Important

Conversational AI is software that allows humans to communicate with machines, … or more appropriately machines running software. Communication between humans and software can be the spoken or written word.  Conversational AI is central to any chatbot application. For communication in speech based automation workflows Conversational AI can be used on the phone or through applications like Alexa, Siri, or Google Home. For written communication workflows Conversational AI can be utilized in SMS, WhatsApp, or Messenger apps like Facebook or Instagram.  Conversational AI can also be used in collaboration with business tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, or any Rich Web Chat. At Valenta we work with all the leading Conversational AI providers. Some of the companies we work with include, OneReach.ai, Yellow.ai, Nuance, IBM Watson, Google’s Dialogflow and more.

Role of a Conversational AI Developer, and Why Hire Them

Hiring a Conversational AI Developer will help a company automate their workflows and save time, money, and efforts when it comes to potential customer interactions, existing customer transactions and customer support. The money and time dedicated to deploying smart digital transformation can save companies considerable expense in the long run. Conversational AI chatbots can offload lower level and routine tasks to software bots working on their own or make company employees smarter and more efficient working in a “Human in the Loop” mode. The role of a conversational AI developer is to design, test and implement conversational AI chatbots and automations. Salaries for Conversational AI Developers typically start in the low six figures and go up from there. Because Conversational AI is a newer technology the skill set is in short supply, and this is why outsourced conversational AI developer services can be a great option.

How Do Conversational AI Developer Services Work?

At Valenta we can provide an outsourced conversational AI developer through two different types of commercial models. We can provide dedicated conversational AI developer staff augmentation which we price based on years of experience. We can also provide outsourced conversational AI developer services as Managed Services and deploy chatbots and automations on a monthly basis until an entire organization is digitally transformed. We can provide one or more developers or provide a team for conversational AI developer staff augmentation and set up a CoE or Center of Excellence for Conversational AI and Digital Transformation. All of our engagements run on flexible month to month terms and can scale up and ramp down flexibly and cost effectively. Additional information about Valenta outsourced Conversational AI developer services can be found on our website.

Contact Us To Learn More

At Valenta our staff has experience with Conversational AI solutions deployed with our clients around the world.  Our local Managing Partners have specific industry experience with the business sectors they serve. Our Partners receive certifications from leading AI vendors and pull in other regional and offshore personnel to serve clients. This blend of local and offshore support provides economical solutions that can make Conversational AI affordable and place it within the reach of midsized companies and small business. At Valenta, we are focused exclusively on SMB clients. If you would like to speak with one of our Managing Partners to determine if outsourced Conversational AI developer services or an outsourced Conversational AI developer might be able to transform your business, please reach out at any time.

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