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Why should marketers embrace AI

AI in digital marketing is simply using AI to interact with customers and prospective customers to anticipate what they want and how they want to interact with a business. AI in digital marketing is also used to collect data, make customer insights, and make automated decisions, all to improve the marketing process and the customer experience. The speed with which AI works makes it an invaluable tool. A well thought out digital marketing strategy, when combined with AI, can dramatically improve the ROI on marketing spend.

In our experience at Valenta the reasons for marketers to embrace AI in digital marketing comes down to the following broad reasons that include, improving efficiency, decreasing costs, increasing revenues, and improving data collection.

Let’s take a closer look at how AI digital marketing provides these benefits to businesses.

Improve Efficiency

AI in digital marketing can allow businesses to communicate with their customers or prospective customers where, how and when they want to be communicated with. AI, in the form of RPA and Conversational AI, can be omnichannel, always present, and always working. Omnichannel communication can include websites, chatbots, text messaging, emails, phone calls and more. Using automation and AI digital marketing, businesses can make predictions and recommendations which can be incredibly additive to the customer experience. Personalization and auto generated content can also make marketing and sales activities laser-focused and relevant for every single customer or prospect interaction.

Increased personalization can come in the form of personalized emails, text messages, and chatbot messages. They can also come in the form of web pages with individually relevant content, tailored to specific customer needs, journeys and experiences. AI in digital marketing can also be leveraged when it comes to A/B testing for marketing messaging. AI can help create copy for messaging to customers. Some companies we have worked with will have a human in the loop to edit final copy, others will let AI create all messages for certain tasks and topics. Clearly, much can be accomplished with AI in digital marketing and nearly all of it leads to improved efficiency.

Decrease Costs and Improve Revenue

Many businesses, …too many, have taken “shot gun” approaches to marketing or sales strategies and campaigns. AI in marketing can eliminate the temptation to throw everything at the wall and see what sticks. By using AI in digital marketing, strategies can be sharpened, costs can be reduced, efficiency gained, and overall contact and interaction with customers and prospects increased. The automation aspect of AI in digital marketing allows organizations to manage repetitive, rules based, and mundane tasks. AI can take them off the plate of human workers so they can be given higher value work.

Using automation also reduces the time needed to process marketing activities and customer interactions dramatically. Always on, 24/7, AI digital marketing makes faster decisions and conducts faster customer transactions. AI marketing can also drive dynamic pricing which can be used to throttle revenue and profits based on current business requirements and dynamics. Bots versus people can bring many advantages to marketing. AI in digital marketing can also translate to decreasing its costs, improving revenue, and improving the ROI for digital marketing spend.

Improve Data Collection

Customers of businesses today expect companies to understand and anticipate their needs and expectations. Some studies have shown this number to be 75% or more. AI marketing can help with this expectation in a big way and allow businesses to process massive amounts of data from chat bots, social media, phone calls, emails and other sources. AI empowered insights that are always on improve data collection simply by being on 24/7/365. Layering machine learning on top of this to gather even more data and to make decisions with that data take AI marketing to another level that can be referred to as machine learning marketing.

Machine learning marketing and the improved data collection it brings provides the ability to improve forecasting and a business’s ability to anticipate customer requirements and customer orders. Improved data collection and machine learning marketing can also help with price optimization and smart bidding platforms. Concerning other customer and prospect interactions, AI marketing also enables micro-moment targeting, dynamic search ads, and allows for responsive ads. Performance analysis is one final area that can be enhanced by AI in digital marketing, and it is improved primarily because of AI data collection.

Want to Learn More?

Improving efficiency, decreasing costs, increasing revenues, and improving data collection are all excellent reasons to embrace AI in digital marketing. This technology is not just for Fortune 1,000 companies and large enterprises. In our experience SMBs can benefit from AI in digital marketing and machine learning marketing just as much as big companies. At Valenta we exclusively service SMB clients. SMBs can sometimes struggle with digital marketing and do not have large staffs in house to support their efforts. At Valenta we offer managing partners, plus local or regional senior marketing experts, and offshore staff that can economically execute back-office tasks, content creation for digital marketing, plus implement AI digital marketing solutions.

If you would like to explore additional information about digital marketing our website is a good start.

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